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"A system to support and promote your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives."

A unique approach in France, Baie de Somme Responsable is a support system that helps companies and organisations to integrate the notion of social responsibility into their operations.

Built in partnership with AFNOR, the ''Baie de Somme Responsable'' label is based on the ISO 26000 standard. The Baie de Somme Responsable programme aims to reinforce the local dynamic of social responsibility.

What is CSR?

According to the European Commission, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the integration of social, environmental and economic concerns into a company's activities in order to improve its performance.

Why should you adopt a CSR approach?

CSR allows me to:

  • Fostering productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Implement proactive management of threats and opportunities (anticipate new rules)
  • Fostering innovation
  • Creating cohesion in my company
  • Differentiate myself in the market
  • Increase my level of reputation, notoriety and brand image
  • Improve the attractiveness of my company to partners, employees and associates
  • Responding to customer and consumer demand (improved sales)

In other words, a company that adopts a CSR approach is a company that is much more responsive. It anticipates risks more easily, develops its capacity to adapt and is more inclined to seize market opportunities.
The company is therefore more flexible and has less difficulty in adapting to the various constraints of its environment.

Who is this label for?

As part of a jointly committed (public/private) approach, BSR is aimed at all types of organization (companies, communities of communes, associations), in all sectors of activity, and of all sizes.

The advantages of Baie de Somme Responsable

  • Joining a network of professionals, actors of social responsibility
  • Having tools at your disposal
  • Access to numerous CSR training courses
  • Benefit from a specific communication carried out by Baie de Somme 3 Vallées
  • Enhancing your CSR initiatives
  • To be accompanied throughout your project
  • Participate in the territorial dynamic

A three-step process


1 - Self-diagnosis

Using a tool specially designed by AFNOR*, diagnose your areas of progress within your organisation. Within 3 weeks, get your results delivered by AFNOR.

* The French Standards Association is a pioneering organization in the external evaluation of CSR approaches in France.


2 - Labelling

Thanks to this diagnosis, the BSR Labeling Committee assesses your level of social responsibility (level 1 "BSR Committed", level 2 "BSR Confirmed", level 3 "BSR Expert"), and awards you your level of commitment via the "Baie de Somme Responsable" label*.


3 - the implementation of an action plan

Together, let's establish an action plan made up of solutions adapted to your company's strategy in order to perform in your results.
Throughout the process BS3V accompanies you, advises you, trains you, helps you develop your network, and of course increases the visibility of your company by communicating for you around the BSR label.



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JOINING THE BSR APPROACH means enabling your company to be more efficient, attractive and sustainable.

Cost of membership to Baie de Somme Responsable: 950 € HT *. *BS3V can finance your membership up to 70%.

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